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Inheritance Law

Nothing is certain but death and taxes. It is very common for inheritance disputes to arise throughout estate administration or trust administration when someone dies. Since inheritance disputes can stir up a bit of emotion, the parties involved may seek the help of inheritance dispute lawyers to help resolve the issues. At LCDO. Luis Felipe Santiago, inheritance law is part of our specialized practice area. We are experienced in matters relating to the will, living trusts, irrevocable trusts, powers of attorney, and health care directives.

Our experienced lawyers can provide advice on every aspect of succession, including making the last will and granting probate, appointing an executor or administrator, settling in cases of intestacy, advice on contesting wills, spousal, civil partners’, and lineal descendants’ rights, obtaining certificates of heirship, where applicable, locating heirs and proving inheritance rights, resolving claims and distributing property, and advice on inheritance tax requirements. We also represent clients in litigation involving will contests, probate litigation, and disputes over the management of and disbursements from trusts and estates of deceased persons.

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